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From Inspiration To Realisation

Cloudcam UAV provides an international aerial video, photography and survey service based out of Kent, UK. With our state of the art drones we are able to provide high quality 4k video in various formats as well as high definition still images.


Our drone systems are also able to capture cloud burst data enabling ground and structural mapping which can be provided as 3D files for use in design and measuring packages. We are always looking for new ways to innovate our company, through our technical innovation and our available services.


If you have a project you believe achievable through the use of modern drone and photographic technology, we would love to work with you and make it happen.

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We cover a wide range of aerial surveying objectives, including, but not exclusive to, construction sites, traffic, people and environmental management and volumetric surveys.  

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Internal inspections can easily be carried out using our Matterport. This data can be converted and used for multiple outcomes.

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Cloudcam offer a wide range of options regarding 

photography services including 4K outputs perfect for remembering any event. 

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From weddings, regattas, landscapes to community events Cloudcam has it covered! If you want it we can make it happen, click below to see more.

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Capture the evolution of your projects with our professional timelapse cameras. Document construction, events, and transformations seamlessly. 

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Find out who Cloudcam UAV are.


Download our brochure for services and portfolio.  

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Check out our latest blog.   

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