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Internal inspections are non-intrusive and efficient at data collection and can be used to export the following- 


360 Degree Images


Full 3D Models across multiple platforms 

Floor Plans 

Opportunities for embedding further data including website hyperlinks, drawings, images and videos. 

Building Surveys

Rather than a traditional report a 3D model of a building or asset clearly identifies each defect location with supporting data and photographs.  


2D Floor plans are easily created and can be used with any drawing package.

Why stop there? The created internal point cloud models can be utilised in any 3D modelling drawing package.

Want to impress a client? Why not showcase your asset virtually? All our models can be integrated directly into a virtual reality headset.

With the inclusion of metadata we are able to include drawings, schematics,  images and videos to our models.


This opens up the model to infinite possibilities whether it's for a site induction to asset management or real estate.


You can easily share this model with anyone anywhere in the world whether it's on a computer or in the palm of your or your clients hand. 

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